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Paso Fino Farms

Home to many fine Coral-bred Paso Finos
Breeding and Sales

Alrena Meadows Farm
Helen and Jud Box
Home of Coral's Alejandro de Vez
Arrowhead Paso Finos
Sandy and Greg Mixson
Home of Eminente de MiLE
Bronce de Vez
CC Paso Finos
Robin D'Andreamatteo
Promoting Coral LaCE and Corito bloodlines
Sundancer Paso Finos
Trudy and Dennis Weichers
Home of Enchanted Tomas
Coral's John Henry de Vez
Other Paso Fino Related Links

Paso Fino Horse Association
The official website for the Paso Fino breed association
American Paso Finos
Online forum for information and discussion about Paso Fino horses