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Pictured below are some of the exceptional horses whose bloodlines have been invaluable
in developing our breeding program over the past 30+ years.
Biographical information includes not only the genetic traits that made them an essential part of our breeding program,
but also the unique personality traits that endeared them to us -
most of which remain, even after their passing, through their offspring.
*References to Grand National Championships noted below were won when the PFOBA/PFHA Grand National classes
consisted of all ages and genders in a particular major division. Stallions, mares, geldings, and schooling horses
competed against each other in one final class for the ultimate title of Grand National Champion,
This ensured that the Grand National Champions of Performance, Fino, and Pleasure were truly the best of the best!

Coral LaCE

1964 - 1993

A legend to many....

family to those who cared for him.
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Pure Puerto Rican golden palomino stallion
1968 - 1995
(Cori x Maria Luisa)
'Old' Corito, as he is now known, was a beautiful sight to behold! He was the quintessential golden palomino with a creamy white mane and tail from 5 consecutive generations of golden palominos. He was born with an exquisite, accurate gait. Known by most for his elegant fino gait, he could also extend to a thrilling largo when asked.
As a pure Puerto Rican stallion, 'Old' Corito was an excellent choice to cross on our Coral-bred mares who were generally half Colombian and half Puerto Rican. This made many of his offspring 3/4 Puerto Rican. Out of 31 offspring, he produced 45% palominos - many of them golden - and a 61% creme dilution factor. His direct son, Corito de Vez, now carries on these bloodlines.
'Old' Corito was very particular about how he presented himself to you. He would place his withers in reach to be scratched first. Being very shy about the head - he always looked away when we bridled him. Growing up in difficult circumstances, he nevertheless gave his all to us when he came to live at La Caballeriza.
One of the most fascinating things about 'Old' Corito was that he chose who rode him. He seemed to sense a person's genuine respect and admiration for him and would allow that person to ride him. Those who tried to fool him weren't so fortunate. ;-)

Maria Luisa

1952 - 1979

Pure Puerto Rican Mare

Dam of Champions
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affected so many lives...

Cantante de Omega

19?? - 19??

(Singer x Guamanita)
We chose this exceptional stallion for size, manners, and accuracy in gait. It was reported that his dam was an exceptional Puerto Rican mare and Singer was Reserve National Grand Champion to Coral LaCE in Performance.

Frio Viento

19?? - 19??

(Triunfo x Maria Luisa)
Frio Viento was an outstanding fino stallion that also had a good range of gait. He was not owned by this family, but was admired and thought of as being one of the best Paso Fino stallions ever. He was ridden to the twice Grand National Fino title so beautifully by Shawn Swank Mejia. He was owned and loved by the late Jim Swank of Lake Gem, Fl.
You will see Hija de Los Vientos and Otra Vez also on this page. They are his daughters and they were two of our top mares ever on this farm.

Hija de los Vientos

1973 - 19??

(Frio Viento x Gitano Viento)
'Daughter' or 'the white mare' as she was known was a cremello mare who was exceptional in the show ring. She was the first registered offspring of Frio Viento.
Hija de Los Vientos was High Point Owner/Amateur in fino and undefeated in fino fifteen of sixteen times shown for this Title. Almost all of her her offspring were purchased as soon as they were weaned or before because of their people loving natures and golden color.
Hija's daughter, Coral's Classica de Vez (owned by the Lessengers in Texas), was purchased , trained and shown by Charles Lessenger to the National Champion Pleasure mare and third Grand in Pleasure. This was the hallmark of the breeding program at La Caballeriza - that true amateur/owners could train and compete their own horses successfully at the highest levels.
Hija produced 11 offspring - 64% of those were palomino including Coral's Don Dorado de Vez listed on the 'Our Stallions' page.

Otra Vez

1974 - 19??

(Frio Viento x La Flor Bonita T)
Otra Vez was a feisty small fino mare born in 1974.  She was overlooked because she was small.  Within one year of our purchasing her she had conquered the Florida State Championship over the past multi Grand National Champion mare Soledad que Tal in fino.  Her sire was the twice Grand  National Champion in fino.  Her sire's gait was claimed as flawless. Her dam was by the Reserve Grand National Champion, Singer. 
Otra Vez produced nine superior offspring. She was my favorite riding horse when she was younger and was the inspiration for the 'de Vez' added to the Paso Finos born here at La Caballeriza

Sundancer Mako

1981 - 2005

(Coral LaCE x La Luz del Sol B/R)
Sundancer Mako was a 14 hand Paso Stallion by Coral LaCE. He was known as one of the fastest Paso Finos in the Nation or world of Paso Finos. He was so gentle that our 8 year old granddaughter could go out and brush him, pick his feet out, and ride him in his paddock. Sundancer was a Reserve Grand National Champion in pleasure. He and his offspring are truly a pleasure to own.
Carrying on the family tradition of fast, accurate largo, Sundancer 's son - Bronce de Vez - was the 2007 National Largo Race Champion. Showing the true heart, courage, and determination inherited from his famous ancestors, Bronce won this championship even though he was totally blind at the time!

Nevado de Vez

1998 - 2009

(Corall's Viajero de Vez x Nevada Princesa Mako)
Nevado was a golden stallion that was another sibling to Coral's Monarca de Vez and Willow Wind Mako by the same dam. 
Nevado's sire, Viajero, is a full brother to the 'golden ones' listed in the largo article written by Bill Firman. One ride on a full sister to Viajero in France by some people from Germany brought them to our farm for more largo Pasos.  This speed - with such accuracy and gentleness in caring for their rider - makes them a favorite to own.
Nevado's dam was by El Dulce by the multi-Puerto Rican Island champion, Monarca.
Nevado was as excellent an example of the quality and consistency of breeding stallions for natural gait, range of gait, and largo as any we have produced here at La Caballeriza.
His last offspring, a 2008 palomino filly, is listed on this website on the Mares For Sale page.
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